Is your home ready for a bath lift?

Installing a bath lift in your home for the first time can seem like a daunting prospect at first, but they are surprisingly easy to install. As long as you have a bath tub, your home can accommodate a lift to help make bathroom safety easier. At Manage At Home we offer a range of different types and all of them require minimal assembly at home. But to help you choose a model compatible with your bathroom, we’ve pulled together a guide that outlines everything you need to know before buying a bath lift.

Reclining or Fixed Backrests

Many of our bath lifts come complete with a reclining backrest, which follows the natural slope of your bathtub to make the most of its size. If you’re more comfortable sitting up with a straight back, you may prefer a lift with a fixed, upright back – these also tend to offer the user more legroom.
Bathing Cushion

Inflatable Cushion Bath Lifts

Our Mangar Bathing Cushion Bath Lift is a very popular choice, and doesn’t require any installation at all. Simply place it in the bath tub, as close to the back as possible, and it will be ready to use immediately. The cushions can be left partly inflated while you’re in the tub for extra support, offering a flexible alternative to anyone considering one of our more traditional bath lifts.


At Manage At Home most of our bath lifts are operated by a simple, easy to use hand control that can either float in the tub or attach to the side with suction cups.


Covers can make the bathing experience more comfortable, and some of our bath lifts already include them, but we also offer a wide range of bathing accessories that can be bought separately. A traditional or gel cover can add additional comfort, while a head rest offers extra support to the head and neck.
A swivel seat (like the one on the right) helps less mobile users access and exit their bath lift, and a chest or lap harness can help provide peace of mind. If you would like to extend the back rest, consider a pair of support wings: easy to attach and an effective support for the upper body.


Once you’ve looked at which bath lift features are best suited to your needs, take the time to measure your tub’s length, width and depth. Having your exact dimensions to hand will help you find a lift that makes bathing as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our bath lifts have all been designed with your safety in mind, but we also want to help our customers relax and unwind.