Quick Guide To The Inflatable Bathing Cushion

Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

The latest addition to our range of inflatable bath lifts is the Bathing Cushion, a nylon coated polyurethane cushion which does not require installation.

It is highly durable but exceptionally light and portable at only 2kg (4.4lbs).

Because the Bathing Cushion does not need to be installed it can be used in any bath and can be easily tidied away or transported in a small holdall when visiting relatives or travelling on holiday.

The bath lift is powered by a very quiet battery powered Airflo Compressor which has a level indicator, normal or high flow option. The unit is simple to connect and disconnect and has a floating waterproof hand control for ease of use, or switches on the main unit if you prefer.

The bath lift design allows you to lower into the bottom of the bath to enjoy the optimum bathing experience. The battery powered Compressor is designed not to lower the cushion into the bath if there is insufficient power to raise it up again, allowing the user full confidence.

The cushion can be fully emptied or left partially inflated for comfort or additional moulded support. The seat is wide and stable and is best suited for those with upper body stability. You can chose to sit up or lie back using the integral lumbar support.

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