3 Helpful Disability Aids for Getting In and Out Of Bed

A good night’s sleep is important at any age to help repair and boost our bodies’ energy levels.

However, as we become older it can become more difficult to move in and out of our beds due to muscle loss.

As a result of this, we have created our top three helpful bedroom disability aids to help you achieve the perfect nights rest.

Grab Handles

Grab handles are a handy and helpful disability aid to have all around the home, but more so in the bedroom. Getting in and out of bed can prove tricky, however a grab handles can be firmly secured under your mattress or bed stand so that there is little or no resistance when moving out of bed.

Lifting Poles

Lifting poles are another great bedroom disability aid; this metal gantry is available in a free standing form or it can be attached to walls, it also comes with a secure strap and hand grip, which allows you to adjust the hand grip and height to fit individual needs. Once in place you are then able to pull yourself into sitting position.

Leg Lifters

Lifting your legs in and out of bed can often prove to be tricky, especially if you lack muscle tone and strength in your leg. A recommended choice for this is to invest in a leg lifter aid which will help users move safely in and out of bed independently.

For more information visit our dedicated Bedroom Disability Aids area.