4 Devices For Your Bedroom To Help Make Living With Arthritis Easier

Helping Hand Soxon Sock/Stocking Aid

1. Helping Hand Soxon Sock/Stocking Aid

This handy, day-to-day use device makes getting dressed that much easier. Just pop the sock/ stocking on to the device, put the front of your foot in and pull on the loops, simple as that! An effective time and pain saving device.

2. Harley ‘v’ Pillow

Have you been suffering with neck or shoulder pain because of your arthritis? This comfortable, affordable pillow provides ideal support for use in bed or when relaxing in your favourite chair.

Double Ended Bed Lever

3. Double Ended Bed Lever

With stiff and painful joints, tranferring in and out of bed can become a daily struggle. this device can be adjusted to fit most bed sizes and provides you with the additional support that will make it easier to get yourself into bed at night & up and on the go on the morning.

4. Rise And Fall Overbed Table

Ideal for those days where getting out of bed is too much of a challenge, this device is an essential. The spring loaded mechanism enables those who struggle with grip adjust the table with the touch of a finger. Table edges on the long sides also help avoid spills and items from dropping off it.