5 Helpful Disability Aids for Getting In and Out Of Bed

A good night’s sleep is important at any age to help repair and boost our body’s energy levels.

However, as we become older it can become more difficult to move in and out of our beds, which can lead to issues such as lack of sleep and fatigue, as your night-time routine becomes tougher and more stressful over time.

As a result of this, we have listed our top 5 bedroom disability aids that could help you achieve the perfect night’s rest.

Grab Handles

Grab handles are a handy and helpful disability aid to have all around the home, but more so in the bedroom. Getting in and out of bed can prove tricky, however, a grab handles can be firmly secured under your mattress or bed stand so that there is little or no resistance when moving out of bed.

You can fit handles to single, double or king-size beds, as well as care beds or electrically adjustable beds.

Some grab handles have been specifically designed for divan and slatted beds, but there are some that work with both.

A wide range of choice, gives you additional comfort and convenience, such as larger bases for improved stability and ergonomic handles that gives multiple grip options

You could even choose a double-ended grab handle, that fits underneath your mattress, giving you the option of getting out of either side of your bed.

Lifting Poles

Lifting poles are another great bedroom disability aid; this metal gantry is available in a free-standing form or it can be attached to walls or a bed frame. They also come with a secure strap and handgrip, which allows you to adjust the handgrip and height to fit individual needs. Once in place, you are then able to pull yourself into sitting position.

Ergonomic hand grips give you extra control and are more comfortable to hold when pulling yourself into an upright position. The handgrips ideally should be suspended from an adjustable strap for greater flexibility.

To use, you need fairly strong upper body strength with overhead movement ability. Lifting poles are therefore not usually suitable for people with limited strength such as weakened arms, shoulders, and abdominals.

Leg Lifters

Lifting your legs in and out of bed can often prove to be tricky, especially if you lack muscle tone and strength in your leg. A recommended choice for this is to invest in a leg lifter aid which will help users move safely in and out of bed independently.

Easy to use by positioning your leg in the foot loop and then pulling the strap using your hands

Leg lifters are useful for people who have had a hip injury, or a hip replacement. They help the user easily and safely raise or lower their leg.

They can be single or double-handed. The double-handed leg lifter is designed to help people who cannot lift their leg with one hand.

Leg lifters are also handy when in bed or using a wheelchair or footstool.

We also offer an electric leg lifter which is discreet, lightweight and portable.

Hoists/Stand Aids

The daily routine of getting out of bed in the morning can be a challenging and dangerous task, especially for those with mobility issues or limited strength.

Hoists are designed to support both the user and the caregiver. The physical challenge for a caregiver to lift and transfer a person from their bed can be dangerous and, in some cases, impossible.

Hoists can be an invaluable piece of equipment, making the process of lifting the user out of bed much easier and safer.

Stand aids require the person to participate with lift and transfer, lifting themselves with the assistance of the caregiver and equipment. This empowers the person to build strength and confidence with support.

Transfer Boards/Slide Sheets

Transfer boards are ideal for users that have limited strength, helping to comfortably slide from a bed to a seat, such as a wheelchair, commode, or chair. Transfer boards are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and are available in different shapes for safety and convenience, such as a straight board for a standard transfer, to curved boards to help attach more securely to a seat with armrests.

Slide sheets are strong and comfortable, helping you stay supported and safe during a transfer. Slide sheets reduce the caregivers’ physical challenges of moving a person in bed. They help to turn the person in bed and also help enable the person to sit up, with easier repositioning and transferring from the bed.

Slide sheets help reduce the risk of skin tears and bruising and are available in differing colours and sizes.

For more information visit our dedicated Bedroom Disability Aids area.