Guide to the Bradshaw Elland Grab Handle

Bradshaw Elland Grab Handle

Bradshaw is a name for specialised equipment. Amongst this range are beds, mattresses grab rails etc.

The Bradshaw Elland grab handle is design to work only with the Bradshaw beds and is manufactured in the UK. This unique grab handle fits with the wooden side framework that the Bradshaw beds are fitted with and comes in the same magnolia colour to match the Bradshaw bed. In addition to this the grab handle is painted with the Biocote coating to keep down the risk of infection. When the grab handle is fitted it then fits within the bed so that it does not clash with the side rails and can be used when the side rail is up or down.

The rail has various usages. It can aid transfer of a user to a wheelchair, commode or to a standing position as well as help and assist the user to a seated position The Grab handle has very simple ergonomically designed hand wheels that easily attach  to the bed and an added bonus of not needing any tools to fit it. The total weight of the product is just 2.3kg.