3 Products That Could Help You Sleep Better

Each year in March, the UK observes National Bed Month. The National Sleep Council and the National Bed Federation established this awareness campaign to spread the word about the advantages of getting enough sleep. The event’s overall goal is to promote better sleep and provide tips on how to do so.

Along with promoting the value of sleep itself, the month aims to educate people about the value of a good bed and how it helps to guarantee a restful night’s slumber. A supportive, comfortable bed is essential to getting a restful night’s sleep, which has significant positive effects on our physical and emotional health and helps us wake up on the right side of the bed in the morning.

Following the National Bed Month’s beliefs, we’ve curated a selection of beds, mattresses, combinations and accessories at unique prices that may help you get better sleep at night.

The Harley “V” Pillow is a very cosy fibre-filled pillow that provides excellent neck and shoulder support. It can be used in bed or while lounging in a chair. Save over £10 this month, as we’ve reduced the price to £29.80 for a limited time.

Harvest Healthcare’s Woburn Community 1200 Wide Bed is a premium wide set profiling bed that gives people more room to feel less confined. The bed can support a working weight of up to 30 stones. For infection prevention, the head and footboard are covered in vinyl. As part of our National Bed Month Sale, we’re offering the bed with a Reflect 2 Mattress, with delivery and installation included in the cost.

The Alphalite is a four-section profiling bed that features an electrically operated backrest, knee break plus tilt and reverse tilt positioning as required. British-made, each section weighs less than 25kg making the bed easy to transport and assemble. Supplied with a Softrest Foam Mattress and a 5-year guarantee.

To learn more about National Bed Month, National Today have a History of National Bed Month webpage you can visit. For the full selection of products in our March sale, visit our National Bed Month Sale.