4 Different Types of Rollators From the Manage At Home Website

As we age, we all grow to have different needs. some of us will go our whole lives without requiring some sort of mobility aid, where as others may need them for daily use. Thankfully, there are solutions out there than can help us when we require that bit extra help, but just like the level of need in people being varied, we also cannot expect there to be a ‘one size fits all solution’. In this blog post we’ll provide an insight into just four of the different types of rollators available on the Manage At Home Website.

TOPRO Troja 5G

Effortlessly foldable and lightweight, The TOPRO Troja 5G navigates small spaces with ease. This rollator not only prioritizes safety, comfort, and flexibility but also introduces a modern touch to your mobility aid. A simple pull on the seat strap transforms it into a compact size, perfect for storage or on-the-go transportation. The loop-handled cable brakes ensure user-friendly operation, and its availability in two sizes accommodates users from 4 ft 5” to 6 ft 6”. With adjustable handles featuring the innovative TOPRO Memory Function, the Troja 5G caters to your unique needs, always remembering your preferred handle height.

Experience the convenience of an interior braking system, quick-release wheels, and shock-absorbing tires for a smooth ride on various terrains. The TOPRO Ergo Grip adds an extra layer of comfort, making standing from a sitting position a breeze. Plus, the detachable shopping bag, capable of holding up to 10kg, ensures practicality with a shoulder strap for easy handling.

NRS Forearm Rollator

Tailored for those seeking enhanced upper body support or with limited hand and wrist dexterity, the Four-Wheel Forearm Rollator stands out with its thoughtful design. Boasting adjustable padded forearm rests, it offers a personalized fit, alleviating the reliance on wrists and fingers. The posture it promotes minimizes strain on lower back muscles and upper body strength. The stylish red frame exudes class without being too conspicuous, crafted from robust yet lightweight aluminium for easy manoeuvrability on stairs.

Effortlessly foldable without specialized tools, this rollator seamlessly fits into a car boot when not in use. Four large directional wheels ensure balanced weight distribution, enhancing stability with their TPE construction for superior traction. Cable loop brakes on both handles are easily accessible, even for those with arthritis, and can be securely locked when stationary. On-the-go comfort is at your fingertips with a convenient seat and backrest, perfect for quick breaks. Additionally, the rollator features a holder for your walking stick and a detachable carry basket, adding practicality to your mobility companion.

TOPRO Hestia Indoor Rollator

Experience a new level of freedom within the confines of your home with the Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator – a shining example of impeccable Norwegian design and craftsmanship. Forget about the hassle of assembly; the Hestia arrives ready to roll, offering immediate convenience. Its height-adjustable handrail ensures you maintain a comfortable posture without the worry of unnecessary slouching, complemented by a conveniently placed brake lever easily operated with just one hand.

Need extra support? The retractable handles lend a helping hand for sitting down and standing up, seamlessly lowering when not in use. Enhancing your daily routine, the rollator boasts a slidable tray – a perfect perch for your cup of tea or phone. Whether you’re on the move or taking a break, the tray’s versatility shines as it can be easily moved to either side or retracted with a convenient carry handle.

Beneath the tray, discover a lightweight net, ideal for storage on the go. And the best part? When its mission is complete, the Hestia, along with its tray, folds down effortlessly, no tools or excessive force required, standing compact and upright for easy storage. This indoor rollator is not just a mobility aid; it’s a thoughtful companion for around the home.

Freestyle 3 Wheel Rollator

The Freestyle is a sleek and feather-light 3-wheel rollator tipping the scales at a mere 5kg. Style meets practicality with its innovative self-locking mechanism, ensuring quick folding and unfolding. The ergonomic, height-adjustable handles make manoeuvring a breeze, accompanied by large 7” wheels for seamless navigation.

Unburden yourself with the removable spacious bag, ready to carry your essentials. Personalise your mobility companion with a choice of 4 vibrant colours – Champagne, Purple, Orange, and Silver.

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