4 Products From 4 Different Brands on the Manage At Home Website

As we navigate the world of assistive products and mobility aids, we’re constantly looking for innovative solutions that enhance daily living. In this post, we’ll introduce you to just four products from four different Brands that we believe are as trustworthy as any household name for the quality of products that they provide.

Aston Mobile Shower Commode Chair by Drive DeVilbiss

Introducing the Aston Mobile Shower Commode Chair, a versatile solution for individuals with restricted mobility. With a lightweight and rustproof aluminium frame, the chair easily moves users between the toilet and shower. Its adjustable backrest and comfortable PU seat, complete with a front cut-away and rear recess, prioritize personal hygiene and comfort. The swing-away footrests and flip-up armrests facilitate easy side transfers, while the included 5-litre potty with a lid ensures convenience. Available in both attendant and self-propel models, the Aston Mobile Shower Commode Chair offers flexibility and ease of use. With features like tool-free backrest adjustment and simple e-clip height adjustment, it caters to diverse needs effortlessly. Whether you prefer transit or self-propel models, this chair provides reliable support and manoeuvrability for daily routines.

Who are Drive DeVilbiss?

Consistently offering high-quality, functional products across a wide range of needs, Drive DeVilbiss is one of the leading manufacturers of durable medical products.

Hestia Indoor Rollator by Topro

Discover freedom and confidence within your home with the Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator, a prime example of top-notch Norwegian design and craftsmanship. Say goodbye to assembly headaches because the Hestia comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. Its height-adjustable handrail ensures proper posture and alleviates discomfort, while the sturdy handrail offers a comfortable grip and features a convenient brake lever that can be operated single-handedly.

The rollator boasts retractable handles that help people sit down and stand up for additional support. When not needed, lower the handles for unobstructed walking. Plus, enjoy the convenience of the slidable tray, perfect for carrying a cup of tea or your phone. You can adjust the tray to either side for walking or sitting, and when not in use, it easily retracts and even includes a handy carry handle. Beneath the tray, a lightweight net provides extra storage space. The Hestia Rollator can be easily folded without any tools or excessive force. When folded, it becomes compact and can stand upright independently, making storage a breeze.

Who are Topro?

World-renowned for its design, user-friendliness and quality, Topro is a Norwegian developer of mobility aids. Manage At Home offers a number of Topro’s top-of-the-range rollators, such as the Olympos and Troja 2G.

Multi-Purpose Raiser Chair Kit by Langham

Elevate your seating experience with the Langham Multi-Purpose Raiser Chair Kit, providing a secure and reliable method for raising chairs. These raisers offer maximum support while maintaining a discreet presence under your furniture. Crafted from high-quality plastic, they are exceptionally strong and easy to clean, ensuring durability and hygiene.

Each support effortlessly pivots on the link bars, ensuring a snug and secure fit to the side of your chair. The kit includes two Multi-Purpose Raiser Units and Spreader Link Bars, offering versatility and convenience.

Who is Langham?

Manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality aids for living, Gordon Ellis and Co (Langham) is a UK distributor of furniture raisers, raised toilet seats, grab bars and much more. Their award-winning products are developed by working closely with healthcare professionals and end users to help improve people’s everyday lives. Langham is the brand name for Gordon Ellis products.

Integrity Static Cushion – Entry Level by Sumed

Experience ultimate comfort and protection with the Integrity Static Cushion, designed to cater to your needs. Seamlessly fitting on most standard chairs, wheelchairs, and cars, this cushion is crafted from high-quality nonslip materials for stability and durability. Each cushion can be tailored in various sizes to ensure the perfect fit, minimizing localized pressure and evenly distributing weight for enhanced comfort.

The Integrity Static Cushion – Entry Level is perfect for those seeking extra padding without compromising support. Lightweight and portable, it can easily be transferred to any chair for added comfort. With clearly labelled risk levels, selecting the right cushion is a breeze.

Choose from three cover types to suit your preferences: wipeable, towelling, or spacer fabric. The wipeable fabric protects against spills and leaks, while the towelling fabric offers a soft and absorbent finish. The spacer fabric disperses water vapour and heat for optimal breathability, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience.

Who is Sumed?

Sumed is recognized as a company dedicated to manufacturing, supplying, and distributing medical equipment. Its focus is providing solutions to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by pressure sores and pressure ulcers on the skin of individuals with limited mobility.

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