4 Products That May Be Useful When Recovering From Surgery

Who knew there were so many additional steps when recovering from surgery? Unfortunately it’s not as simple as spending a few days in hospital and then off you go feeling fine and able to go on as you did before. Recovery takes a lot of patience and a good amount of support to help your body to heal. With this in mind, take a look at 4 products from the Manage At Home Website that May help when recovering from surgery.

Modular Perching Stool with Arms and Back

Meet the Modular Perching Stool, your versatile companion for home and bathroom tasks when standing up for long periods isn’t appropriate. Providing a comfortable semi-standing position, this stool becomes your ally in navigating daily activities. Its PU seat offers plush support, while rubber ferrules on the feet prevent unwanted slips.

Adjustable legs cater to diverse tasks, and a sloping seat adds ease to rising. Ideal for those who are find prolonged standing challenging, this stool makes home tasks a breeze. Forget the hassle of tools; assembling is a snap. Connect the tubes effortlessly, where brass pins securely click into place. Plus, embrace customization with the stool’s modular functionality – add or remove arms and backrest as you please. Elevate your comfort and functionality with a perching stool that adapts to your needs.

NRS Adjustable Tilting Over Bed And Over Chair Table

Whether you’re indulging in a meal, sipping a drink, diving into a good book, or embracing other activities, the Adjustable Tilting Over Bed/Chair Table transforms your bed or armchair into a versatile haven. Experience unmatched flexibility with its easy manoeuvrability and adjustable height and width. The central tabletop takes comfort a step further by tilting up to 55 degrees, adapting to your preferred angle.

Fitted with four locking castors, it stays securely in place. No need for tools – assembling is a breeze. With a maximum load weight of 15kg, this table is not just functional but adds a touch of convenience to your everyday activities. Elevate your moments of relaxation with a table that adapts to your every need.

Premier Bed Rail

Introducing the Premier Bed Rail – your perfect partner for a seamless entry and exit from bed. This bed rail is not just functional, but it boasts strength, hygiene, and safety in one sleek package. Forget the fuss of complex setups; it stores flat and effortlessly assembles onto your bed within seconds, no tools needed.

Versatility is its forte, designed to seamlessly work with various domestic beds, including divan and slatted bases. What’s more, it’s easily adjustable to ensure maximum user comfort and security. With a generous maximum user weight of 115kg, the Premier Bed Rail is your go-to solution for a hassle-free and secure bedtime routine.

Bamboo Transfer Board

The Bamboo Straight Transfer Board is your versatile companion in aiding smooth transitions from wheelchair to car, bed, or chair. Available in two sizes – 24″ or 30″ – this transfer board caters to your specific needs. Perfect for individuals with limited mobility or strength, it facilitates seamless movements, ensuring a comfortable shift from seat to seat or seat to bed.

Embrace convenience with its waterproof design, and smooth rounded corners that make it a breeze to clean. Elevate your mobility experience with a bamboo transfer board that combines functionality with effortless maintenance.

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