5 Innovative Products Chosen by Steve

Are you looking for innovative products that can make your daily life easier? Investing in daily living aids that cater to your specific needs can make a world of difference. Embrace the convenience and comfort these creative products offer, and enjoy a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle. Our Product and Customer Services Manager, Steve Taylor has listed 5 of the most innovative products featured in this month’s ‘Chosen by Steve’ sale.

Car Caddie

Getting in and out of a vehicle can sometimes be challenging, especially for those with mobility issues. The Car Caddie is a simple yet effective device that offers support and assistance. With its comfortable rubber cushioned grip and adjustable handle height, it ensures a secure grip. This caddie easily fits over your door frame, and the buckle design makes it effortless to open and close.

Rollz Flex

The Rollz Flex is a stylish and modern rollator that goes beyond its primary function. It also doubles as a shopping trolley! By simply turning the handlebar around, you can transform it into a convenient shopping companion. With four adjustable handle options to suit different heights and a spacious 25-litre waterproof shopping bag, the Rollz Flex is perfect for running errands. Its lightweight construction ensures easy manoeuvrability, and the built-in seat allows you to rest after a long day of shopping.


Tired of juggling a knife and fork while enjoying your meal? The Knork is here to solve that problem! This innovative utensil combines the functionality of a knife and fork into one. With its stylish finger platform, it offers enhanced comfort and requires less effort to use. Made from the finest grade stainless steel, the Knork comes in a handy plastic carry case, making it ideal for meals on the go. This product is ideal for people living with limited hand function or those confined to the use of just one hand.

Sloped Base Bowl

Designed for individuals with conditions like Dementia, MS, and Parkinson’s, the Sloped Base Bowl is a game-changer. Crafted from premium melamine, this bowl features a unique sloped base that directs food towards the rim, making it easier to scoop with a spoon. It also has an unnoticeable overhang, enabling one-handed eating. The non-slip ring at the base keeps the bowl steady, preventing any unwanted movement.

Bellavita Bath Lift

Taking a relaxing bath should be a soothing experience for everyone. The Bellavita Bath Lift ensures just that. This high-quality, modern reclining bath lift fits most standard baths. Developed with the help of nursing professionals, it includes several excellent features such as four quick-release suckers for added grip and safety. The lightweight and waterproof handset makes it easy to operate, while the ergonomic design prioritizes comfort and safety for the user.