6 Attractive Daily Living Aids

Looks matter. When we go out to events, a common comment made by customers in receipt of community equipment is; ‘Why does all the stuff I need have to be so ugly?’. Fair comment. Most daily living aids are made for practicality, not style. If products are needed to help live your life to the fullest, then why shouldn’t you have the option for something practical AND attractive?

We’ve put together a list of just a few products from our website that you may find are much more appealing:

1) Homecraft Bedroom Commode Chair

Needing to use a commode when trying to keep up your social life can be tough, as most are particularly unappealing and an eyesore, standing out in a room. The Bedroom Commode Chair looks like a normal lounge chair, hiding the commode underneath a vinyl seat. Suitable for any room, despite the name, the commode chair is a much more appealing alternative to the standard option.

2) Keywing Key Turner

Throw away those chunky, ugly, ‘traditional’ key turners, and get yourself a Keywing. Visually appealing, easy to attach and available in a number of bright, attractive colours – the Keywing provides all the grip needed to get your door open, but with much more style than before.

3) Homecraft Polished Curved Stainless Steel Grab Rail

Offering the same support needed to move safely in the shower as traditional, less attractive options on the market, these grab rails are ideal for a modern home. Adding a touch of style to any bathroom, the attractive curved design and clean steel look can help take you back to having the home you had before.

Nitro Rollator

4) Drive Nitro Rollator

Often rollators in the more modest price range are unattractive yet practical – this really doesn’t have to be the case. The Nitro Rollator by Drive, known as the ‘Ferrari of Rollators’ combines Practicality, Affordability and Style. If you happen to see us out at an event in our exhibition unit, ask to try one out! You’ll most likely find that it’s incredibly easy to use, extremely comfortable and eye-catchingly appealing.

5) Aidapt Deluxe Folding Walking Cane

When out at events and meeting equipment users, we see so many grey walking sticks that aren’t so appealing on the eye. The Deluxe Folding Walking Cane provides just as much support, but comes in 4 attractive, eye-catching colours.

6) Lifemax Anti-Spill Mug

Bright, beautiful and can take a beating, the Anti-Spill Mug is ideal for the coffee lovers that lean on the clumsy side. Available in 4 stylish colours and boasting a smart suction design, they are useful for people of all ability and ages.

DISCLAIMER: No articles on this website have been written by practicing industry professionals unless stated otherwise. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a product for your needs, you are advised to consult with a qualified clinical professional before purchasing.