Getting to know our suppliers: Tenura

Here at Manage At Home, we’re focussed on providing as many options as possible, in order to give you the power to purchase the best possible product for you. From a variety of price ranges, to a wide selection of brands, we believe that ‘I got what’s available’ shouldn’t be your reason for buying a product, and instead we want to help you so that we can hear you say ‘I got what suited my needs best’. Because of this, we feel that we owe you a better understanding of the brands you purchase, and what better brand to start with than Tenura.

Tenura Q&A

  1. Who are Tenura? We are a UK-based company who produces Silicone Non-slip and Grip Daily Living Aids.
  2. Where are Tenura from/ where was Tenura born? We’re based in Chorley, Lancashire which is located in the North West of England.
  3. What got you into the independent living aids business? We wanted to offer an alternative, durable material that will last the test of time. We pride ourselves on the quality of our material!
  4. What is your most popular product and why do you think it’s popular? The self-adhesive, non-slip Aqua-safe strips/disks. Everybody has a shower or bath and these are such a great solution to avoid any slips/falls.
  5. If you were to buy your own jar opener or anti-slip mat – what colour would you go for?Although Red is the best seller, we love the blue mats!
  6. How are you enjoying your partnership with MAH as suppliers so far? It’s fantastic! we have great relationships with all the Manage At Home staff and communication between us is always clear and concise.


Right now on the website, In partnership with our good friends at @TenuraUK, We’re giving away a pack of Anti-Slip Coasters with the purchase of any Tenura product on the website!

Running until 12th May, be sure to get your free gift while you can!

If you have any questions about the Tenura range or any queries regarding products on the Manage at Home website, please feel free to get in touch with our fantastic customer services team via email at, By phone on 0800 910 1864 or via the chat function on the bottom right of the website.