Guide to the Enigma Super Deluxe Transit Wheelchair

Enigma Super Deluxe Transit Wheelchair

The Enigma Super Deluxe Transit Wheelchair is definitely one of the best in its league. Deriving from The Drive range it promises to be highly practical and durable, the two most desired features needed for a reliable mobility aid.This design incorporates style and comfort.

The wheelchair is made of black canvas with a deep built-in comfort tension and with the padded seat being height and angle adjustable this adds to the comfort. As we can appreciate getting in and out of the wheelchair can cause problems at times. So to make this action easier the chair has been design with flip back and removable armrest, which are height adjustable and swing in and out footrests.

Not only do these very handy features exit, on this model the leg rests and back posts are height adjustable to help the user find the ultimate comfort level. As the wheelchair is made of aluminium doesn’t mean to say it is flimsy. This wheelchair is very robust due to its double cross brace but lightweight, only weighing17kg (38lbs) in total weight, so very manageable for the carer to use.

Also the carer will appreciate the cable brakes plus the easily removable quick release rear wheels. The wheelchair is easy to transport and store away because of its half-folding back which is always a bonus. For those people who don’t need carer assistance a self propelled 24: wheel version is available. To add safety to this model height adjustable anti-tip wheels have been incorporated plus a safety lap belt. As mentioned before this wheelchair is very robust and can take a user weight of up to 135kg (21 stone).