A Guide to Walking Stick Handles

DerbyHandleOur range of walking sticks includes wooden, aluminium and foldable options, designed for every need and lifestyle. The style best suited to you will depend on whether you plan to use your walking stick often or occasionally, and whether you’re looking for light support or something that can help significantly with balance, like a tripod cane. To help you choose, we’ve put together a quick guide to the various walking stick handle shapes that we offer, and outlined their advantages.

T-Shaped Handles

Straight, T-shaped handles are one of the most traditional walking stick shapes, and offer good control. The user can wrap their thumb around the front for a firm grip, and rest their weight across the top. Often made of wood and found on collapsible walking sticks, these handles are compact and often a make a comfortable choice for those in need of light to medium support.

Derby Handles

With a shape that is slightly more curved than a T-shaped handle, Derby handles offer a similar grip and hand position but can be hung over the arm when not in use. This frees up your hands for other tasks while out and about, and means it can also be stored on a hook at home.

Anatomic and Ergonomic Grip Handles

Anatomic and Ergonomic handles (as seen on the right) can help reduce discomfort by spreading the user’s weight as evenly as possible across the pressure points in the hand. This makes them a good choice for those with painful, stiff or arthritic hands and wrists, especially if the walking stick will be used frequently. The shape follows the natural curve of the palm, offering a good level of support for the less confident user.

Swan-Shaped Handles

The curved shape of a swan-shaped handle keeps the users weight directly over the shaft of the walking stick, unlike straight shafts where the weight is often concentrated on the back of the walking stick. This can help with stability and makes it easier for the user to keep their stick straight rather than angled as they walk.