Manage At Home: Working From Home

Here at Manage At Home, we have been doing all we can to make sure our service runs as close to normal as possible during this crisis period. Due to procedures put in place by the government, we have had to make certain changes and updates to how we work, that we feel is important to share with the public:

From the start of lockdown, Manage At Home staff have been working from home, but we have been committed to ensuring that it doesn’t change the way we operate, continuing to provide all of the support and advice that we possibly can.

Manager, Steve and the promotions team are working hard to get new products onto the website in order to give everyone more options to fit their specific needs.

The majority of suppliers are working as normal, but please be advised that there may be delays in packages being sent out. During this time, we ask that people returning products to be patient with us, as there may be a delay in refunds being processed as we don’t currently have a staff member that’s permanently in the office to inspect returned products.

We are proud to announce that our sister company, Medequip Connect is now added as a brand on the website, offering falls alarms and service subscription options to suit your needs at fair prices.

Finally, We’d like to thank all of our customers, who have been sending in such positive feedback regarding our service, as our hard-working staff have all really appreciated such kind words.