Mobility Aid Help: How to Fit a Seat Cushion

As we become older and our bodies get a little slower, getting up and out of our chairs can prove to be a challenging experience. For those people facing this issue, there is a simple solution and it’s called a seat cushion.

What is a Seat Cushion?

Seat cushions can help to boost your sitting position to a higher level so there’s less pressure when moving up and out of a chair. Some of the seat cushions are also designed with a slight rise to further assist when standing up from your chair.

How to Fit a Seat Cushion

The majority of seat cushions from Manage At Home will fit most car seats, home or office chairs. It is always best to take the measurements of your chair and the seat cushion to ensure they are the relevant size; this will help to prevent any unnecessary movement.

Seat Cushions can be fitted onto a chair seat and will help to build upon the overall seat height if the current cushion is not removed. Your seat cushion must also only be used on a chair that has armrests and a stable, solid base.

The reason we highly recommend fitting this is because Manage At Home’s seat cushions are not electronically powered and require a level of strength from the person using it to still be able to move in and out of the chair safely; along with the seat cushion booster, you also have the assistance of your chair arms to get up.

However, if there is still a challenge with using a manual seat cushion then we recommend opting for our electronic lifting cushion.

Please Note: If you are unsure on purchasing seat cushion, then please contact an Occupational Therapist for further advice and support. They will also be able to fully assess the most suitable option to meet your needs.