Revitalise Your Garden Routine with 4 Handy Garden Tools!

Spring is here, and summer’s near!

To many, it’s time to dust off your gardening gloves and get back into the swing of things!

If you need help navigating your garden this year or have noticed a loss of dexterity, fear not.

We’ve got you covered with these 4 handy gardening tools from the Manage At Home website, designed to make every spring gardening session a breeze.

Easi-Grip Garden Trowel

Say goodbye to wrist strain with this innovative garden trowel.

Featuring an ergonomically shaped handle, it allows for a more natural grip, reducing pressure on your joints.

Made from lightweight stainless steel and equipped with a non-slip handle, this trowel makes digging and planting a pleasure, not a pain.

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Easi-Grip Add-on Handles

Easily attachable to regular garden tools and household items like vacuum cleaners and brooms, they offer comfort and control in every task, preventing excessive strain and discomfort.

Compatible with handles up to 40mm in diameter and featuring a soft-feel, non-slip finish, these handles promote an upright position and prevent back strain.

Sold as a pack of two handles, they’re easily installed with large plastic wing nuts on stainless steel clamps, making them a convenient addition to your toolkit.

These can also be used with the Easi-Grip Plug-in Arm Support Cuff (See Below)

Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff for Easi-Grip Tools

Enhance your gardening experience with this handy accessory.

Designed to work seamlessly with any Easi-Grip tool, the arm support cuff helps distribute strength from your forearm, reducing fatigue in your hands and arms.

Easy to assemble and brightly coloured for easy spotting in your garden shed, it’s a must-have for any gardening enthusiast.

Folding Garden Kneeler

Protect your knees and make gardening more enjoyable with the Folding Garden Kneeler.

Featuring a thick layer of padding in a soothing forest green colour, it provides ample cushioning for extended periods of kneeling.

Its handy side legs double as handles, which make it easy to lower yourself down and get back up.

Flip it over, and you have a convenient seat to rest and admire your handywork.

(On sale now* as part of the Out & About Sale)

Ready to take on the great outdoors? Dive into our ‘Outdoors’ section on the Manage At Home for everything from garden tools to handy car gadgets – the Outdoors awaits, so gear up now!

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