What products qualify for VAT relief for the disabled?

If you have a long-term illness or are disabled, the government permits tax relief on selected products and services in order to help this demographic achieve the independence that others do in their daily lives.

So what exactly does this include?

VAT Relief products are available exclusively to those who are deemed chronically sick or disabled and are of use for personal and domestic use only. It’s important to remember that this does not include those who may be elderly but are otherwise able.

According to the HM Revenue and Customs, goods and services that can be bought without paying VAT include:

  • Medical or surgical appliances designed solely for the relief of a severe abnormality or severe injury
  • Electrically or mechanically adjustable beds designed for invalids
  • Sanitary devices, such as commode chairs, commode stools and frames for sitting on or rising from a sanitary appliance
  • Chair lifts or stair lifts designed for use in connection with invalid wheelchairs
  • Invalid wheelchairs and invalid carriages
  • Hoists and lifters designed for use by invalids (this includes ‘lift & tilt’ or ‘riser’ chairs)
  • Emergency alarm call systems of the type that link you to a specified person or a central control centre
  • Incontinence products, such as disposable/washable pads and collecting devices
  • Certain types of auditory aids (but not standard hearing aids)
  • Certain types of low vision aids (but not spectacles and contact lenses)
  • The lease of a Motability vehicle

Here are our top 3 products available in the Manage At Home store that are exempt from VAT:

Adjustable bed

Adjustable beds

This Bradshaw Low Bed has an electric adjustments for height, backrest and legroom sections, and is currently reduced in price in the Manage At Home store.

Chair Lifts

Our selection of chair lifts are intended to help those less mobile easily get in and out of their seat. This stunning leather rise recliner chair will fit into most interiors and features a lift, rest and recline action including a full snooze position.


Hoists can take up a lot of room when required for homecase use, but this Oxford Mini 140 Hoist can help with the day to day needs of the patient whilst remaining compact and versatile.

For more information on VAT Relief for the disabled, click here, or visit the HMRC website.