What’s New on the Manage At Home Website: February 2022 Edition

Here at Manage At Home, we’ve been working hard to find ways that can help you stay independent for longer. From amazing new sales to ideas of what to do this month, we have a number of products that may be ideal for you.

Happy Valentines Day!

On behalf of Manage At Home, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

Whether you’re celebrating with a loved one or are waiting for singles appreciation day tomorrow, we want you all to remember that it doesn’t cost to be kind.

2 years ago, TV presenter Caroline Flack took her life as a result of the bullying she received online, and we want Medequip to remain a bully free zone. We’d like everyone to use this month as a reminder of the consequences of how you treat the people around you, and empower each and every one of you to give a bit of love and support to whoever needs it.

February: Preparation month

For many people across Britain, February has become the ‘inbetweener’ month, where we’re all fed up with the cold weather and cant wait to get outside again and enjoy all that spring has to offer!

Why not find a new way to spend this February and get involved in preparation month! The concept of preparation month is to start getting ready for the good times ahead. This may be done by getting the gardening kit out of the shed and giving them a well-deserved polish, or making sure that your rollator’s wheels are ready for getting out and about – the idea can spark different outcomes for different people.

For Example, Irene Carr from Ramsbottom, Lancashire loves a good spring cleaning. She’s taken advantage of this month to scrap all of her old cleaning equipment and spring for a brand new set of supplies. Irene also purchased a sensible perching stool and a Grab rail for outside her front door, so that when she gets going, she can clean in comfort.

Let us know what you’ll be doing with your preparation month on social media by tagging us @ManageAtHome or with the hashtag #MAHPrepmonth

New MAH Promotion!!

At Manage At Home, we’ve set up a new promotion, ‘Get Ready For National Bed Month’ where we’ve reduced the price of several bed sets that could be ideal for you. We want you to be able to get to March this year with the confidence to say that you have the right bed for you, and you can do just that by visiting our sale today.

Showcasing considerable price reductions on numerous bed combos, we aim to help you get those extra hours of sleep that may end up improving your health in the future.

Spotlight Product of the Sale: Restwell Devon Electric Bed/Mattress Combo

Especially ideal for those who need to make adjustments to maximise your comfort at night, the Restwell Devon Electric Bed and Mattress, features an easy to use 6 button multi-position handset that helps you support the five key areas, knees, hips, back, neck & head. Available in three different types of mattress available – Reflex Foam, Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam, the Restwell Devon comes with or without a headboard, for your convenience.

If you’d want to get in touch regarding anything in this article, please feel free to call or email the customer services team, or via the live chat option on the website. Happy Shopping!