Perching stools for the elderly and disabled

The everyday perching stool is ideal for those people who like or need to sit down whilst performing daily chores task in and around the home.

The stool provides the opportunity to let the user take the weight off their feet and feel comfortable whilst being in a seating position.

They are ideal for those who are preparing meals or doing the ironing perhaps. It is constructed of completely waterproof materials so this makes it perfect for using in the shower. Being used in the vicinity of water, for additional safety the perching stool has four rubber feet to prevent it from slipping.

As we all know not everyone is the same height, so with this thought in mind the perching stool was designed with height adjustable legs which are splayed. The stool height adjusts in 25mm (1”) increments with no need for any tools. With the perching stool being designed with a lower front and higher back seat this makes it easier for the user to perch themselves onto it.

The stool is easier to move around and carry as it weighs only 4kg. However this stool is very deceptive in that it can take a user weight of up to 153kg (24 stone).