Review of the Denver Dual Motor Rise and Recline Chair

The Denver rise and recline armchair is a new innovative chair with a dual motor 3-way mechanism. This chair will now give a wonderful amount of comfort due to the endless and varied options of recline. The chair will allow the leg rest and back rest to move on there own to optimise comfort.

The comfort is also made possible due to the ergonomically contoured seat and back plus the Denver chair will also rise and tilt you and your feet. The chair is versatile enough to elevate the footrest and then recline the back independently. All this motion is simply operated using an electronic remote 5 button hand control which includes a smart button with safety key function.

The smart button conveniently brings the chair back to its normal sitting position To keep the control at hand and doesn’t get mislaid there is a side pocket to place it in. When the chair is in motion it delivers a smooth quite action so it is not intrusive to the relaxing environment.

The Denver chair includes a back up battery; this is so the user doesn’t get stuck in one position if there happens to be a power failure. The Denver chair is beautifully upholstered in luxurious weave materials; the fabric comes in green or brown. The chair is very robust and can take a user weight of up to 150kg (23 stone).

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