4 Daily Living Aids That May Help You in the Bathroom

Let’s talk about the bathroom.

One of the more essential rooms in the house, Brits on average spend 3 hours 9 minutes on the toilet a week, around double the amount of time we spend being physically active (ukactive.com, 2018). With this in mind, shouldn’t this mean that your bathroom should be prepared for all of your needs? We’ve put together a list of just a few products that could help you in the bathroom.

1) Etac My-Loo Raised Toilet Seat

Easy to fit, the My-Loo Raised Toilet Seat offers support and makes it that much easier to get to a standing position. This is particularly useful for those who struggle getting up and is available in two height options to give you the choice on what works best for you.

2) Mountway Splash Compact Bath Lift

Bath lifts are perfect for those who are finding it harder to get in and out of the bath. the Mountway Splash Compact Bath Lift is a super lightweight, affordable option for those in the market for bath-time support.

3) Prima Straight Grab Bar

The Prima Straight Grab Bar is a handy bathroom balance and support aid that’s useful for those prone to slips and falls or getting in and out of the shower. The Prima Straight offers strength and support, as well as an ergonomically designed grip for comfort.

4) Etac Beauty Bathing Range

Able to reach the spots you can’t, the Etac Beauty Bathing Range offers long reach options for anyone who can’t get to those hard to reach areas anymore. Suitable for those with limited arm movement, the range features a body washer, a hair washer and a back washer, covering you whatever your needs.