6 Devices To Make Using Your Bathroom with Arthritis Easier

1. Toilet Surround

If you find that your joints are feeling stiff and painful, it’s often hard to manage your way up off the toilet. With this device placed simply around your toilet, you have additional support to help ease the difficulty when getting up and down.

2. Buckingham Easy Wipe Toilet Tissue Aid

This device is an essential for anyone who struggles with arm mobility and reaching with arthritis. Save the pain of stretching to clean yourself when you can get a device like this, that can securely hold your toilet tissue, helping to keep you clean and aid in keeping those aches and pains at bay.

3. Tap Turners

Especially handy for those of you with severe arthritis in your hands, this simple but effective device can save you from the unnessesary pain caused when turning your taps. Adaptable to both capstan and crystal style taps, the long non-slip handles provide an easy way of turning your water on and off with just a nudge of your hand.

4. ETAC Body Washer / ETAC Hair Washer

Both devices here are essential for anyone with stiff joints, as they make it simpler for you to retain your washing routine without having to sacrifice anything. Ergonomically designed to ease straining when in the bath or shower, these devices are allow you to retain the power you’re used to when washing, without feeling too much pain.

5. Wall Mounted Shower Chair

Struggling to stand up in the shower when you’re washing? well, this may be the device for you. When using a mounted shower chair, you’re able to continue the same routine you’re used to but without having to stand or hold onto a rail to get clean. Mounted directly to your shower wall and adjustable for your comfort, this device should be a must have in any accessible bathroom.

6. Bellavita Recliner Bath Lift

One of the biggest complaints people have when it comes to having a bath with arthritis is that people struggle to get in and out of it. This device makes bathing so much easier, helping you in and out with an easy to use floating hand control and reclining back rest, to help you make the best of your bath time.