Protecting from Bathroom Falls

For those less confident in their mobility and sense of balance, moving around the bathroom can sometimes be difficult. At Manage At Home we have a range of products specifically designed to help reduce the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom, and have put together a quick guide to help you decide which ones are right for your home.

Grab Rails

Grab rails can be installed anywhere in the house, but they’re most commonly used in the bathroom or around entranceways. For anyone with limited arm strength they offer something to hold onto when standing up or sitting down, aiding balance and offering extra peace of mind when moving in and out of the bath or shower. At Manage At Home we offer a choice between straight or angled grab rails, which allow the user to rest their forearm on the horizontal section. Grab rails with suction cups are better suited to travelling and can be attached to the wall without damaging it, whereas wall-fixed rails require some installation but offer the most robust support.

Bath Lifts

Bath lifts require very little installation, most simply need to be placed in the tub, and they can make a real difference to bathroom safety. For those who prefer sitting up with a straight back we offer lifts with a fixed backrest, while others have a reclining back which follows the shape of your bath tub. We also have inflatable cushion lifts for lightweight support and gentle cushioning.

Bath Steps & Transfer BenchesTransfer Bench

Bath steps are a versatile accessibility aid that can help make getting into and out of the bath easier. We offer a wide choice, all designed with a large surface and slip resistant finish, for extra stability in the bathroom. Some can be adjusted to different heights, helping to make movement as comfortable as possible. For additional support, consider a transfer bench which sits with two legs inside the bath and two outside. It reduces the need to bend uncomfortably, allowing the user to slide into the bath in a seated position.

Bath Seats & Shower Chairs

If you prefer showering to taking a bath, a shower chair allows you to save energy by sitting down instead of standing in the shower. For smaller bathrooms we suggest wall-mounted chairs which can fold up against the wall when they’re not in use, but we also offer freestanding shower chairs that can be folded and stored elsewhere. Some models include a back and arm rest for additional support, while others have rotating seats that reduce the need to twist and turn in the shower. Bath seats are smaller and designed to sit within the tub. Their textured surface offers slip resistant seating, and can help make baths more relaxing.