Softrest VE Foam Mattress Review

Softrest VE Foam Mattress

This Visco Elastic Foam mattress is of the Sidhil range. Sidhil is a manufacturers of high quality equipment especially designed for the residential care and hospital environment, yet the equipment can also be used in the home too.

Sidhil manufactures’ are at the leading edge of technology and have a team of health care specialists at hand. So it can be safely said that Sidhil have the great expertise needed to produce quality equipment.

This VE mattress is extremely soft and is a non turning medium to high risk foam mattress. The mattress is versatile enough to be used on a standard or a profiling bed frame.

The VE foam mattress is beautifully made with excellent durability having a two-way stretch waterproof vapour-permeable PU coated fabric and the zip is hidden.

The VE foam mattress comes with replacement covers which again are durable. The mattress is strong and can take up to a weight of 28stone (180kg).

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