4 Tips That Could Make Living With Dementia Easier

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, it is expected that in the UK a person develops dementia once every three minutes, with 850,000 people currently diagnosed in Britain.

As it stands, there isn’t a cure for any form of dementia. Despite this, certain products and routines could still help.

In the wake of World Alzheimer’s Month 2019, we have put together a list of some handy tips and products that could help people that are living with dementia stay independent for longer.

1) Utilise colours

Bold colours such as Red and Blue help make identifying objects easier for those who live with dementia. Buying red toilet frames, lifting poles, plates, etc. can help with differentiating an object from its surrounding area. For example, if the person is at risk of falls, using red grab bars in the bathroom and around the home could prove helpful.

Suggested Product: Ashby Red Grab Rails

2) Listen to music

According to Jonathan Graff-Radford, M.D. on the Mayo Clinic website, ‘Research suggests that listening to or singing songs can provide emotional and behavioural benefits for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Musical memories are often preserved in Alzheimer’s disease because key brain areas linked to musical memory are relatively undamaged by the disease.’

Although there is no guarantee that it will affect the person, playing music from their favourite musical, era or event can have the ability to bring back some long-forgotten memories.

Suggested Product: Simple Music Player

3) Consider a tracking device

When memory capacity begins to decline, those living with dementia are at risk of getting confused or lost when out walking or going to the shop. This causes panic not only for themselves but for their loved ones who don’t know their whereabouts. With a GPS tracking device or a phone with GPS enabled, the user can be monitored to keep them safe. Often fitted with a panic button, it can alert you that the user needs help.

Suggested Product: MedPage Micro GPS Location Tracker

4) Make reminders for everything

Scheduling times to take pills, doctors appointments and parcel deliveries become much harder with dementia, as the person’s memory starts to get hazy. Making notes and placing reminders for the person to see will help them remember. Products that provide automated reminders are particularly useful.

The MemRabel2 is a handy dementia aid that tells the date and time clearly and can be set to show audio-visual reminders for daily tasks such as taking pills, locking doors and checking blood sugar levels. Products like this can prove to be vital in the day to day lives of those who live independently with dementia.

Suggested Product: MemRabel2 Dementia Reminder Clock

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