5 Daily Living Aids That Could Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Each year we tell ourselves that we’re going to cut down on this or spend more time doing that. We hardly ever keep it up. This year, excuses why you can’t follow through on your resolution won’t work, as we’re offering a list of just a few products that could help you achieve your goals.

Goal 1 – Lose Weight

Product – Topro Troja 2G Premium Rollator

One of the most popular New year’s Resolutions, Losing weight is something that half the country aim to do come January. As highlighted in our 2019 post, The Benefits Of Walking, getting out and about is one of the easiest and most social ways to shift some pounds.

Using walking aids such as the Topro Troja Rollator, it can help make walking easier. Handy for that those who need a little extra support, the Topro Troja is lightweight, easy to use & control, and boasts a comfortable seat that can be used when you need that quick break when on the go.

Goal 2 – Spend More Time With Family

Product – Handy Bar/ Swivel Cushion Duo Pack

Want to spend more time with family but getting in and out of the car is proving a problem? This may be the solution for you. Easy to fit, the Handy bar offers a sturdy, anti-slip handle that provides support when climbing in and out of the car and the Swivel Cushion makes easy work of turning and transferring into the seat. Simply, the duo pack is an easy way to stop yourself making excuses not to drive over to see the family!

Goal 3 – Do More Gardening

Product – Easi-Grip Garden Trowel

One New Year’s Resolution that has become quite common is to do more gardening. However, spending long periods of time using standard gardening tools can play havoc with your wrists.

The Easi-Grip Garden Trowel is one of a range of innovative gardening tools by PETA that relieve strain from your wrists and hands with their ergonomic angled handles. Positioning your wrist in a stress-free, natural position means that you can get going on your garden with ease and for longer, making it hard to get out of achieving your goal this year!

Goal 4 – Travel More

Product – Single Hand Suction Grab Bar

Going away comes with the issues of finding hotel rooms that fit your specifications. One major issue is finding rooms with accessible bathrooms. The Single Hand Suction Grab Bar is an easy way to make any standard bathroom a little more accessible, fixing securely to smooth or tiled walls for optimum assistance getting in and out of the shower/bath.

Goal 5 – Do More Reading

Product – Pocket LED Magnifier

Love settling down with a good book but it’s getting harder when it used to be? Handy reading aids such as magnifiers can help make reading easy again. Best of all, with a built-in light and a smaller size, the Pocket LED Magnifier is the reading companion that can be used on the go. Whether you’re at home, on a plane or out and about, this handy device could help you get into that book all your friends are talking about!