All You Need to Know about Our Popular Reusable Face Mask

New to the Manage At Home website, the Ribcap Face Mask, or ‘Re-Usable Designer Face Mask’ is a fashionable, washable and reusable solution to safety precautions put in place during Covid-19.

Designed for repeated public use, the mask offers a snug fit around the mouth and nose and is easy to put on and take off. Featuring a Micro Polyester outer liner that protects your mouth and face from airborne particles, the inner liner is made from 100% woven cotton, a high GSM material that is tightly constructed to provide better filtration.

Unlike so many masks currently on the market, the Ribcap face mask is completely reusable and easy to sanitise, capable for machine washing at 60 Degrees Celsius.

In response to the easing of the lockdown put in place in the early stages of Britain’s Monday 15 June, ‘everyone must wear a face covering when travelling by public transport in England’ and under the new rules, ‘operators will be able to stop passengers who refuse to follow the rules from travelling and direct them to leave services.’ (, 2020)

From 4th July – as social distancing minimums are reduced to 1 metre + with mitigations, practical reusable masks such as the Ribcap Designer Mask become more relevant and useful in everyday life as a mitigator of risk in many situations.

The Ribcap face mask has been picked up by hospitals across Europe, including the Military Hospital Queen Astrid in Belgium. Kurt Deygers, Head of Material Resources has outlined the key reasons for why he chose the face mask at the hospital:

  • Easy to sanitise for continuous use
  • Full-Width Face protection
  • 100% woven cotton inner liner for comfort & to wear for long periods
  • Elegant design using high-quality materials
  • Micro Polyesters outer lining offers protection from airborne particle
  • High GSM materials for better filtration density
  • Snug fit

The Ripcap face mask is available now from the website as well as a number of other disposable face mask options.