NEW Medequip Connect Telecare Products Now Available

We are continuing our partnership with nationwide telecare provider Medequip Connect, with two new products additions, now available online at Manage At Home.

To give further product choice as part of the Medequip Connect’s 24hr Monitored Telecare Service, we have added the Chiptech EVA and Doro Secure® 480 watch.

No telephone line required

Chiptech Eva Telecare device

The Chiptech EVA compliments the home 24hr Monitoring Service, because unlike the conventional personal care alarm home unit, that requires a telephone line connection, this product works over the 3G cellular network. A multi-provisioned SIM card allows freedom of network connectivity, meaning the strongest mobile network supplier will be used as an additional safety measure.

With voice guided installation for your convenience. This step by step process establishes good cellular coverage, ensures range testing the personal help button, and finishes with a full system check. This enforces correct installation at all stages with validation points, to ensure user safety.

A watch that does more than tell you the time

Doro Secure® 480 watch

The next new product is the Doro Secure® 480 watch. This product is ideal for those who want support inside and outside of their home. The Doro Secure® 480 watch gives flexibility, for those who live an active lifestyle or enjoy days out.

An attractively designed splash-proof wristwatch that features GPS tracking to enhance safety and peace of mind. If distressed or in need of help, the easy to press assistance alarm button will connect the user through to Medequip Connect. Alarms can also be triggered when the user leaves their home, designated safe zone or the battery is low. Medequip Connect will be alerted of the user’s GPS location, and communicate with the user over the built-in speakerphone.

Please note – equipment will be leased to you from Medequip Connect and delivered directly to your home, along with your welcome pack, introducing you to the 24hr Monitored Telecare Service and how to install and use your equipment.

When placing your order, you will be able to pay for the initial connection charge and first 13 weeks service charge, and Medequip Connect will contact you and help you set up a direct debit payment for the ongoing monitoring service. It is worth noting, VAT relief is available, for anyone who is chronically ill or disabled. For more information and to see if you are eligible for VAT relief, please visit our VAT relief page.

Remain independent with the support of Medequip Connect.

To order your personal care alarm today or to see what other products are available, visit our 24hr Monitored Personal Care Alarms page.