Getting to know our suppliers: Uccello Designs

Part four of our ‘Getting to Know Our Suppliers’ series is dedicated to an innovative, multi-award winning company with a handy ’tilt-to-pour’ kettle as their pride and joy. Attractive and ergonomically designed, the Uccello Kettle has been created specifically for those with limited reach, dexterity and strength, enabling the delivery of hot water safely and steadily, every time.

1. Who is Uccello Designs?

Uccello Designs is all about making people’s lives easier. We do this by designing and manufacturing stylish and innovative assistive living product like our Uccello Kettle.

We are proud to announce that both our company and our products are award winning for safety, style and customer service. We currently sell our products in 18 countries and have been able to positively impact the lives of over 450,000 people.

2. Where are Uccello Designs from? Where was the company born?

The company was born in Perth, Western Australia back in 2014 but since then we have moved our head quarters to the midlands in Ireland.

Our team operates from here in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

3. What got you into the Daily Living Aid business?

Uccello Kettles Logo

It was our founder Andy De Petra is originally from Italy that brought us into the mobility aids business.

Andy found it harder and harder to manage appliances at home. Being Italian, he loved his coffee and the kettle proved too difficult to manage. This is when he decided to design a kettle that would tip but also carry its own weight and not put it on the user.

Not too long later, the Uccello Kettle was born, the lightweight design, combined with its rotating cradle means you only need to tilt-to-pour and there is no more balancing, lifting or straining for a cup of tea or coffee again.

Fun Fact: Uccello is Italian for little bird and our Uccello Kettle is styled to look similar a small bird.

4. Why do you think the Uccello Kettle is so popular?

We believe it’s popular and highly sought after because it fulfils an ever-present need. A need for added safety in the kitchen when handling boiling water.

To help regain and rebuild both confidence and independence in the home. Not being able to complete a task such as making tea for yourself, and others may seem small, but it is the little things we notice and the little things we can miss when taken away from us.

The Uccello Kettle takes any pressure and worries away while giving them back their confidence and independence.

5. Why would you buy a Uccello kettle instead of a competitor?

The Uccello Kettle doesn’t really have a competitor on the market.

While there may be 100’s of kettles on the market, they are not really a competitor for the Uccello Kettle. We offer more than the option to boil water. Our kettle was designed for those with limited strength and mobility so they would be able to independently and safely handle boiling water.

The only other option on the market is a kettle tipper which still makes the user strap the average kettle in and carry the full weight of it when pouring. Our Uccello Kettle needs the lightest of touches and there is a safe and steady pour every time.

6. How are you enjoying your partnership with Manage At Home as a supplier so far?

It’s great to see how customer focussed the team at Manage At Home is. We love to see a retailer with the same values as ourselves. MAH are helping to make their customers lives easier through the selling of daily living aids and sharing valued content across their channels.

Should you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our customer service team via email on or call us on 0800 910 1864. To reach Uccello directly, you can email them at