Guest Blog: Uniscan – A Walker for your Way of Life

Written by Tracey Morris, Uniscan Marketing Director

Uniscan was established in 1983 by Tom Morris, my late great father-in-law. Tom was such a lovely man with an infectious laugh and a very creative brain – he was always inventing things to make his family’s life easier. In the early Eighties, his mother-in-law Daisy started having mobility issues, so being the man he was he wondered how he could help her stay independent – so, the first Uniscan walker was “born”.

Daisy loved the walker and “showed it off” to all her friends, she could now keep up with them and not miss out on going to places that they went to.

Many things have changed since that first Uniscan walker, but some things remain constant: –


Tom’s eldest son Geoff is now the Managing Director and Uniscan is still very much a family business. Betty, Tom’s wife also keeps an eye on things


Every single Uniscan walker is hand-made from scratch at our factory in Essex, we have a small team – but each one cares that the walker they build is perfect. We have people who hand their walkers to the next generation and see walkers coming back for a “service” or refurbishment after 15-20 years – that’s quality!


Next time you’re out and about have a look around and see how different the people are around you. Here at Uniscan, we do not believe in the One Size Fits all motto. Quite the opposite in fact, right from the start Tom knew he wanted a range of walkers so that you can have a walker that suits your needs – you wouldn’t wear shoes that were too big or too small would you – well if you did you may not want to walk that far!

In our product list, We currently have Four 4-leg walker models, of which the Cadet and the Glider Plus are available on Manage At Home’s website. We also offer Two 3-leg walker models (the Triumph and Triumph plus) which are also available to purchase on the website. We cover EIGHT seat heights, FOUR frame widths – TWO braking systems and EIGHT frame colours. That may seem like a lot of choices, but it’s really easy to select which one is right for you.

All Uniscan walkers are lightweight, sturdy, built to an excellent standard, arrive fully assembled, have a built-in rest seat and are hand-made in the UK.

Customer Service

When Uniscan began we knew that we wanted to always be there for our customers, not only to provide a great product but to talk them through their mobility needs – even if it wasn’t one of our products. The retailers that supply our products can get any combination of Uniscan walkers for their customers and we always offer spare parts and full refurbishment service. If you are unsure what you want just ask the Manage At Home team, via email on or by mobile on 0800 910 1864. Any question, no matter how specific, their team can contact us on your behalf and we will help them to help you.

Your Ideal Walker

There are so many walking aids on the market now, make sure you get one that “fits” you and your needs:

  • Is it the right height/width?
  • Is it light enough for me to lift?
  • Will it stay together when it is folded?
  • Do I have to assemble it when I get it?
  • Does it have a built-in rest seat?

Literally, thousands of people all over the world have benefited from the product that Tom invented all those years ago– whether they are using a genuine Uniscan product or one of the many that are based on Uniscan walkers that are now on the market.

Whilst a walker is a very simple product, it is a lifeline to many people that value their freedom and independence. It is so important to keep as active as we possibly can, not only for our physical health but also for our mental health.

The Difference a Walker Can Make

Choosing a mobility product is a very personal process as no one likes to think they need help – but I know from experience what a difference it can make. My mother was registered blind – but very independent and insisted that she lived in her own home, she did all her own shopping and went out to meet friends as often as she could.

As her sight got worse, she relied heavily on her stick, but became unsteady on her feet when she was out and about, it took some convincing, but eventually, she agreed to have a Uniscan Glider Plus in Blackberry – at only 5ft tall she went for a 17” seat height with a narrow frame with locking lever cable brakes.

Morris family with Uniscan Walker
Morris Family with Uniscan Walker

Well, when we went out – off she went, she walked more upright (so her breathing was better), she was so much faster – if she needed a break – on went the brakes, down went the seat and she would take a moment. She loved a stroll down the seafront, she felt confident because she knew the area and she had her trusty walker with her.

Morris family with Uniscan walker at the beach

She had her under-seat caddy for her handbag and bits and a shopping bag on the back rest (she would always buy things when she went out!!)

She had a small bungalow and when she wasn’t using the walker – it folded neatly and was stored in a cupboard.

Although she said that walkers were for old people (she was about 80 when she got it) and she was not old – it gave her a bit of herself back when she started to use them. We had so many happy days out with her. She was 90 when she passed away in 2020 and we gave the walker to a friend of the family who needed it.

A walker could not cure my mum’s blindness – but it meant she could get out and about despite her disability and just do normal things.

So, whether you want to travel the world, go to the theatre, watch football, keep doing your own shopping, meet friends for a coffee, keep up with the grandchildren or simply keep independent in your own home and garden a Uniscan walker from Manage At Home can help you do just that.

To enquire about one of the products featured in this blog post, or to find out about what else is out there that can help you retain your independence, please visit our website at or get in touch with a member of our amazing customer service team on 0800 910 1864