How to use our Walking Walker

Walking Walker

The Walking Walker is a uniquely design walking frame that has been very well thought through as a walking aid for users who are unsteady upon their legs/feet. This frame looks like an ordinary traditional walking frame except it has a clever feature. Normally to use a walking frame and the design looks like this the user has to lift the entire frame or roll it along on wheels.

This innovative feature with this frame is when used correctly this walker will step or walk with the user, this genius idea is unique to this frame. However if the user wishes not to use this feature a removable ‘E’ clip can be fitted to allow the frame to become rigid, so quite versatile. This walking walker is very strong and can take a user weight of up to 180kg (28 stone). It may be able to take a good weight but it only weighs 3kg (7lbs) this means that it is a very light weight friendly walker, due to being made out of aluminium tubing.

It is essential to be comfortable whilst holding onto the frame so hand grips have been placed onto the bars of the frame. The walker has been developed to give support at all times and is used equally indoors as well as outdoors. It is a well known fact that people who use these products are very individual in height. So the model has been made with height adjustable legs with a range from 780mm to 880mm (31” to 35”). This device is easily foldable to help with transportation and storage within the home.

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