Product of the Month – Mangar’s Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

On the Manage At Home Blog, we try and offer up potential solutions to daily problems that our readers may face. From advice on what products may help you in the bathroom, to highlighting new brands when they’re added to the website, we want you to have the information to help you feel confident when you reach the online checkout.

In a new segment to our blog, the Manage At Home team have voted and we can finally reveal our pick for the first official product of the month.

This Month, we’ve chosen the Bathing Cushion Bath Lift by Mangar:

About The Product

Mangar Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

The Mangar Bathing Cushion Bath Lift is a powered inflatable bath lift which helps you by gently lowering and raising you in and out of your bath. Ideal for those who have reasonable upper body stability, the Inflatable Bathing Cushion will lower you into the bath and lift you back out as needed, using fully waterproof Airflo compressor control buttons.

When lowering yourself into the bath, you can choose to keep a small amount of air in the cushion to provide additional support and comfort, or release all the air to lie back to maximise room in the bath. When you have finished bathing, simply re-inflate the bathing cushion to gently lift you back up to the level of the top of the bath.

Who Are Mangar?

A world leader in their field, Mangar Health design, manufacture and supply inflatable moving & handling and bathing equipment to the global healthcare market.

Now recognized world-wide for ethical, transformative healthcare solutions, the company began in 1981 and has remained committed to retaining independence and dignity to their clients, while reducing the risk of strain and injury to carers.

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Bathing Cushion Bath Lift Reviews

5 Star Review by Gwen

‘Really helpful item, saves a lot of concerns and means I can still have a relaxing bath.’

5 Star review by Geoff

‘Excellent piece of kit. I bought one of these for my mother some years ago and needed it myself after she passed away.’

5 Star review by Robert

‘very pleased. This work really well’

4 star review by PGB

‘I needed this as my upper body strength was not enough to get myself safely out of the bath. There are very good videos for the use and installation of the cushion on-line, and the cushion has performed pretty much exactly as you would expect from these.’

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